The place for people who choose their books based on their mood. 

Have you ever thought, “This book reminds me of that one song,” or found yourself hungry for Doritos while reading Jack Kerouac? The Perfect Book Experience is about finding those songs, moods, foods, and future reads that will help you pick what you want to read next. 

Why call it the “Perfect” experience? 

Because “perfect” as a concept is unobtainable. If you think of “perfect” as an ambition rather than an endpoint, there will always be more aesthetic combinations to explore.

So, Do You Review Books?

Not really. This place is more about helping you get a sense of how a book feels rather than whether a book is worth reading. (Books, by nature of their existence, are worth reading.) I’m just here to help you decide what you’re in the mood to read next.

Get to Know the Reader Behind it All

Ashley K. Warren: Writer. Editor. Poet. Read more of her work at ashleykwarren.com.