If Pinterest Were a Book: ‘Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home’ by Jessica Romm Perez and Shani Silver

Magazine lovers, this one is for you. And not just lovers of Domino Magazine, but magazine readers of all kinds, especially lifestyle. If SNL’s Zillow parody is any indication of what Americans like to do in their spare time, then a book that teaches you how to design your living space without talking down to you is sure to be a popular read.

What this book has going for it is the format. Authors Jessica Romm Perez and Shani Silver draw on their experience as editors of Domino Magazine and have funneled their expertise into not one but two books. Both are beautiful, hardbound books with a silk ribbon to keep your place, and thick cardstock pages full of vibrant pictures and practical lists, especially the one at the end that includes suppliers for all of your design needs.

Strangely, volume 1, ‘The Book of Decorating’ feels a little more like Intermediate Level Interior Design 201 where volume 2 takes the approach: “Hey, you do you, and here are some ideas!”

For example, you’ve probably attended plenty of parties with cheese plates, and maybe you’ve even brought cheese to a party, but do you know how to construct a cheese plate? They’ve got tips for that. And what about house plants–do you really know what each plant is called or how much light it needs, or do you read the little tags sticking out of the pots like the rest of us. They’ve got tips for that too.

This book is a bit like sitting on a porch on a summer evening with a light breeze, chatting with friends casually, sharing ideas and getting DIY style advice while sipping Rosé . While that may sound like a trope in and of itself, try removing the stereotypes. Then, it sounds sweet, relaxing, a little joyful, and refreshing. That is the experience this book can create sans summer and friends who aren’t in your pandemic pod.

Meanwhile, this book allows me the most perfect opportunity to introduce you to the musical you didn’t know you needed to hear. In one of the many sidebars where ‘Your Guide to a Stylish Home’ gives specific tips, they mention the possibility of using “turkish hand towels as a refreshing twist from terry cloth” which reminded me of the gem, “Towel of a Song: a documentary-musical.” When faced with no other way to adequately convey his sensory journey, Tom Howell decided to write a musical about purchasing Turkish towels, and it is pure entertainment. (Note: there is an intro, so if you’d like to skip right to the singing, start at 3:15.)

Though lighthearted, the true passion for aesthetic and function in Tom Howell’s musical is what you’ll find on the pages of the Domino books.

This Book Might Be Your Next Read:

  • If you’re not really into Martha Stewart but you’d still like to know what you’re doing when it comes to entertaining
  • You binge watch home improvement shows
  • You’re inspired by bright colors, textures, and unusual shapes
  • You always wanted to be an interior designer but got talked into a different major when you went to college
  • You love Domino Magazine and want more

Photo Credit: Simon & Schuster